Cardi B Faces Rage as Trump Supporters Backlash

The American pop artist Cardi B won a Grammy award for a reason. She turns 28 on October eleventh, and is known to be one of the leanest, meanest, most trending rap artist out there. The song WAP from this year has been hitting billboards hard, making it to top hot 100 and is dominating that number three spot. Among the greats such as BTS and Travis Scott and competing with songs like Dynamite and Franchise, Cardi B is clearly no joke, and an icon of the current age. A minority in voice, Cardi B has spoken out in support for Black Lives Matter, and has impressively attacked Donald Trump’s administration. Her bold statements, lyrics, and everything she does stands out to both fans and onlookers worldwide to strike them with inspiration.

Cardi B Faces the Music?

However, in recent times she’s been the subject of some major online harassment. Calling out the President comes with inevitable backlash, but she ignores them the best she can. Online trolls aside, real online attackers have been taking it to the next level by posting her address and threatening to take fire to her house. That’s impressive!

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Yet after everything, she shows no signs of stopping. What better way to appreciate a bold woman than to listen to her art? Here are our top picks for her songs that you simply must take a listen to in celebration of her birthday.

Me Gusta

While fans clamored over WAP, she silently released this hit in collaboration with Towers. Rapping in both English and Spanish, the song is reminiscent of other hits that Cardi B has shaken the industry with. It’s a great start to get you in a Cardi B mood.


Obviously, this hit is on the list as not only a popular one, but a true testament to Cardi B’s quality. It set the internet on fire for an entire month and stoked the billboard a little too. It’s hit over 242 million views on YouTube and is essential for your listening list.

I Like It

Featuring Balvin and Bad Bunny, this song is a mashup you don’t want to miss. It made the Billboard hot 100 in 2018 for a reason, and is a great pick any time of the day for 2020.

Bet You Wanna

Blackpink and Cardi B united for this enduring classic song Bet You Wanna. It featured on both Cardi B and Blackpinks newest albums of the time.


Want to talk about something that talks? Money hit the Billboard for a straight 31 weeks back in 2018. If that doesn’t make people talk, then I’m not sure what does. Cardi hits honest in this song, as her love of money springs evident.