Carryminati ready with his upcoming video Yalgaar – Carry Roast krega!

Carryminati New Video: Recently YouTuber Ajey Nagar popularly known as Carryminati uploaded a roast video titled ‘Youtube vs TikTok- The end’. Which garnered over 70 million views. However, YouTube pulled down the video for violating its policy on harassment and cyber bullying.

carry minati new video
Carryminati New Video – Roast video

A couple of days after Youtube took the video down, Carryminati uploaded a new video explaining his statements in his viral video. In that video he emotionally broke down and explained that his statements were taken out of the context and said that he was taken in the wrong sense.
He claimed that the accusations of homophobia leveled against him by Twitterati were baseless.

In his controversial video, he roasted a popular TikToker, Amir Siddiqui, who had first made a video on how YouTubers are spreading hate for their community. And saying their content cringe.

Internet favored Carryminati:

After this controversy the whole internet broke in favor of the YouTuber. Which catapulted carry’s subscribers from 10.4 million to 19.1 million in just 15 days. Making him the second most subscribed Indian individual YouTuber. That video got more than 70 million views and missed the title of most liked video on youTube ever just by 2 million likes.

Twitter objected to his comments, referring to him as a homophobe and a bigot.
“Brown men like CarryMinati think cussing and using homophobic and transphobic slurs will make them reach max humor,” wrote one Twitter user.
Despite all these accusations many LGBT community members supported carry that he was not actually trying to say that.

Carry up on the race for 20 million:

In meanwhile there is also a race for 20 million subscribers is going on. In which Amit Bhadana is currently closest to the mark, followed by the trending sensation Carryminati. Who is second in this race but his subs are increasing rapidly. He recently crossed many big YouTubers such as Ashish Chanchalani, BB ki Vines, and Technical Guruji.

TikTok rating down to 1.3 on Google play store:

Due to all the controversy TikTok observed a great loss in its rating in Google play store. Which was dropped from 4.5 down to 1.3 within a very small span of time. But after some days google deleted many spam comments from play store which increased its rating a bit.

Yalgaar :

After the end of all the controversy carryminati is all set for a new video titled ‘Yalgaar – Hamari Kahani’. About which he informed his fans through all of his social media accounts. He launched a teaser of the video which ended up saying ” Carry roast krta hai, Carry bohot jorr se roast krta hai yarr or carry roast krega”.

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