Chadwick Boseman most-liked tweet!

The Black Panther star left us all for his heavenly abode on August 28. Fans all over the world are still grieving over the loss of this Marvel actor. His films have been trending on OTT platforms off late. His latest tweet has also garnered a lot of love from Twitter users all over the world. In fact, Twitter has made it Chadwick Boseman most-liked tweet on Twitter.

Chadwick Boseman’s death

Most known for his performance as Marvel’s Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman succumbed to colon cancer at the age of 43. Boseman had been battling cancer since 2016. But managed to keep acting and winning hearts even while battling this life-threatening disease. In fact, Boseman gave us many wonderful movies in these four years, undergoing treatments and chemotherapies all this time.

His death came as shocking news for all as Bosman had never announced his battle with cancer publically. A video where Boseman speaks of being in touch with two kids battling with cancer is now going viral. People are now more touched by the video as they now realise that Boseman too was going through the same as the kids.

Chadwick Boseman most-liked tweet

Twitter announced on August 28 that the last tweet from Chadwick Boseman’s account is now the most-liked tweet on the platform. The tweet announced the Black Panther star’s death and featured “A tribute fit for a King”. The black and white picture of the star in the tweet seems to pierce through the fans’ hearts, making him live on forever.

Previously, the ex-American President Barack Obama held the record of most number of likes, spanning to 4.3 million. But Boseman’s account has exceeded this record. As of now, the tweet from Boseman’s account has been liked 7.3 million times.

Tributes to Boseman all still flooding the Internet. Be it other heroes of the Marvel universe or marvel fans, everyone is flooded with emotions at the loss of the Black Panther star. Even Marvel studios dedicated a tweet for him among others, living on #WakandaForever.

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