Check out this cool timelapse showing the evolution of mac os updates

Apple revealed the new macOS update  ‘macOS Big Sur’. Apple finally finished the macOS x line of software. The macOS updated latest version macOS 11 introduces some new and exciting features. Users are still very happy and love the first macOS X versions. A mac user always cherishes the time-lapse showing installing macOS 10.

macOS is a well-known series of a graphical operating system which is developed by the tech giant Apple. it is used in every laptop, home computer etc. macOS is in the market since 2001. After Microsoft Windows, it is the second- vastly used operating system.


Introduction of macOS 10-

The macOS 10 was introduced 19 years ago back to 2001. Youtuber Martin Nobel created a 5 min video which portrayed the time-lapse showing the installations of the macOS X versions. The macOS update Video begins with the installation of the first publicize of macOS 10.0 Cheetah on March 2001.  macOS update the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina in last year.

Youtuber Martin used QEMU emulator to carry out the task. He used  QEMU 10.0-10.3  for the visualization hardware.

With the Latest Youtube showcasing everyone that mac operating software’s complete a great journey with the designs of UI changes.

Time-lapse evolution of macOS Update –

In the addition of the brand new macOS update to the ‘Big Sur update’ Apple introduce a great transformation to an in-depth OS environment for their devices. Enrich the devices with iOS and iPad attribute to the platform. the time-lapse evolution features great by characteristics.

Apple’s new software update will be loved by every macOS user. Apple’s operating system has been used by millions of user over the last two decades. It’s a software which itself has changes all kinds of paths. Hopefully, it will be a successful version of macOS,Elon%20Musk%20says%20Tesla%20is%20’very%20close,to%20level%205%20autonomous%20driving&text=(Reuters)%20%E2%80%93%20U.S.%20electric%20vehicle,roads%20without%20any%20driver%20input.

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