Chippewa County information on weather Do not limit or travel during the storm

The possibility of snowstorms is high with this storm. With total snow accumulations of 5-9 inches being possible. The wind could reach as high as 50 miles per hour.

From Wednesday afternoon until the evening of Friday the travel time can be difficult or unattainable.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office and Highway Department are urging all to stay off the road and/or limit travel time during this period.

“Both departments will be working hard to keep our roads as safe as possible, during this storm. It would be a help for all our hard-working Deputies, Dispatch, and Highway workers, if the public is able to stay home,” they wrote in a press announcement.

The Chippewa County Courthouse will remain operational during this period. The public is advised to call prior to coming into the Courthouse to verify the office of a specific department is operational. Some departments might not be operational because employees aren’t allowed to commute to their work.


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