College Romance Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plotline [Updates]

College Romance was created on August 7, 2018, and was aired on Netflix. It has gained tons of popularity, especially within the young adult community. This rise in stardom has earned them College Romance Season 2. However, the recent events occurring in the world might prevent this show from having a happy ending.

But first, you must know the beginning…

What is College Romance?

College Romance is a TV show that had its premiere in 2018 in early August. The show centers around a group of friends who are attending college. Along their journey, the three best friends love, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

College Romance presents a unique spin on kids coming of age and growing into mature adults. However, when you watch the show, you realize that the road to maturity is a bumpy one.

The friends go through their many ups and downs. From fights to the destruction of private property, the BFFs test their relationship and push each other to the limit. However, the recurring point of the story is that they always forgive each other in the end. That’s what friendship is all about.

College Romance Season 2 Characters :

The characters in this TV show are college students. This means that this show gives opportunities for young actors and actresses who want to make a name for themselves. This is just one of the many reasons why College Romance Season 2 should be officially announced.

Main Characters

  • Trippy– Trippy is a character played by the Indian born actor, Manjot Singh. Manjot Singh comes from an educated Sikh family. His father is Paramjot Singh and he’s a Bollywood actor. In addition, his brother, Sehebjot Singh is also a Bollywood actor. The actor is famous for his portrayal of Lucky in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! in 2008. Afterward, he gained acceptance in the Bollywood community.
  • Naira– Apoorva Arora is the actress who portrays Naira in College Romance. She’s known for acting in very well-known movies. Some examples are OMG: Oh My God! in 2012, and Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty in 2014. She also starred in a very recent movie in 2019 called Pranaam.
  • Karan– Keshav Sadhna is an actor on College Romance who played Karan. His character famous for his goofy personality and his determination to become popular. Shortly after shooting College Romance, Keshav Sadhna was cast in many films. Due to his great performance in College Romance, some directors believed he would do well in their own productions. Those roles include Code M (2020), and Phone-a-Friend (2020).

College Romance

Recurring Characters

  • Raveena – Raveena was played by Hira Ashar. The 5-foot 6 actresses were known for their role in Grazia Intern Diaries in 2018. She hasn’t really been in the film world other than that. This is why her character in College Romance is a great opportunity to make a name for herself.
  • Bagga – Gagan Arora is the actor who portrays Bagga in College Romance. Gagan Arora was born in New Delhi, India on September 16, 1993. Gagan has an undergraduate degree in commerce and moved to Mumbai to study filmmaking from XIC. He became an assistant director on the movie Stree in 2018. Gagan would later perform in College Romance and Girls Hostel. Gagan would finally receive recognition in both the Bollywood community and on social media.
  • Deepika – Deepika would be portrayed by Shreya Mehta. She is known for performance and Namaste England in 2018. She was also in the show Girls Hostel with Gagan Arora in 2018.
  • Naina – Geetika Budhiraja was born in Delhi, India, and lived in Mumbai most of her life. When she was 17, she was part of an adventure travel show that was aired on MTV, India. She was also cast in a handful of plays.

There will be fights, parties, breakups, and makeups. Will these three best friends be able to endure the hardships of college, and make it through together? Or will the emotions and betrayals become too much for their bonds to bear? We might never know.

Is College Romance Season 2 Canceled?

The coronavirus alone has halted the production of almost all movies and shows. Not to mention unemployment, a global drop in the stock market, and racial injustice. Some films have been able to recover and resume shooting, but others haven’t been so lucky.

College Romance is Bollywood series shot in the Indian Institute of Management, a university in Ahmedabad, India.

Bollywood is a film industry based in Mumbai, India. It’s famous for its diverse storylines and its successful films and shows ever since its first film in 1899. Hollywood only had its first film come out in 1910.

Bollywood has become such a film empire. To a point where it produces double the amount of films than Hollywood a year. It also has a larger worldwide audience, over 400 million more than Hollywood!

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for both Hollywood and Bollywood films to be completed.

Will There Be A Second Season?

There has been uncertainty as to whether or not there will be a College Romance Season 2. Season 1 left on a major cliffhanger. But the anticipation might not be enough to guarantee Season 2.

Some viewers were begging for more by the end of the first season. Others didn’t feel that satisfied. This mixed reaction from their fanbase might cause Bollywood to consider canceling College Romance Season 2.

College Romance Season 2 Official Announcement

The official announcement of College Romance Season 2 has finally arrived!

The official release date hasn’t been released. However, the show plans to have the episodes aired in the year 2021.

A recent tweet confirms the season 2 Release :

College Romance Season 2 Release Date :

There has been a mixed bag when it came to if and when College Romance Season 2 would be released. Soon On claimed that College Romance has definitely ended and Netflix would not air it. However, As per Sources, the Release date: College Romance Season 2  will be released on June 06, 2021 

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