Nestle Hot Pockets recalled as it may contain pieces of plastic and glass. Nestle Hot Pockets recalled approximately 700,000 pounds because it was found to be contaminated with plastic and glass. The agency informed that they have received some complaints. The customers complained of finding pieces of glass and plastic in the products. One customer even suffered from an oral injury.

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Nestle Hot Pocket recalled

Nestle recalls NRTE pepperoni Hot Pockets. Food may be contaminated with glass or plastic.

Everything about Nestle Hot Pockets recalled-

The products considered were the ones that have the codes- 0320544614, 0318544624, 0321544614. The agency urged and requested that if anybody bought the recalled Nestle Hot Pocket, then they must not consume it. The company urged its consumers to either return the pockets or throw it away. The consumers can file for a return and they will get the refund.

The recalled products were produced nationwide at retail shops and made available for the purchase from Nov. 13 to 16 2020. As soon as the news of Nestle Hot Pockets recalled came out, Twitterati also busted. Nestle recalled the NRTE pepperoni Hot Pockets. The U.S. Department of Agriculture informed about the move of Nestle Prepared Foods. Food Safety and Inspection Service disclosed the information of contamination. The pepperoni hot pockets recalled by the Prepared Foods has an expiry date after 14 months.

Till now, the Food Safety and Inspection Service has not registered any other problem related to the injury or sickness. The frozen pockets are in customer’s freezer. That is why Nestle rushed to rescue its customers. And that is why FSIS and Nestle are concerned. The FSIS frequently conducts an inspection to check that recalling agencies inform their consumers of the recalled products. The companies are also obliged to inform their customers that the product is unavailable at the current moment.

It is funny that good food is one of the few things to enjoy during a pandemic. And now, apart from sanitising the pockets, customers will have to worry about the contamination too.