Equestrian Kaley Cuoco Pays Tribute As She Retires Beloved Show Horse Bionetty

Kaley Cuoco has taken her horse from the show- Bionetty out to pasture. Kaley Cuoco took to Instagram to pay tribute to the horse she has worked within Equestrian Competitions for almost 5 years. Cuoco wrote in the post that from the past 6 years, Bionetty has been amazing. And she was the first “real” horse Kaley ever went for a ride on. She wrote this note as a caption to a series of pictures with Bionetty.

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Kaley Cuoco paid tribute as she retires horse Bionetty
Kaley Cuoco retires her show horse Bionetty

Kaley Cuoco and her heartwarming tribute to Bionetty

Cuoco remembered her first jump and told the followers how it was a moment of ‘Whoaa’. She said that she always knew that she is going to love the horse forever because Bionetty was perfect for Cuoco. Cuoco got emotional as she cherished their first and last moment together because the magical moments are so many to count. She shared the details about how she enjoyed the moments when the horse took her to Meadows.


Kaley Cuoco explained to her followers that Bionetty is fast but never committed a mistake. The horse was always sure where to place her feet and when to land. Bionetty made sure that Kaley is safe and remain competitive too. Interestingly, they both had matching boots because they both are wonder woman. Kaley embraced Netty’s performance skills and said that Netty is a true performer. Although she doesn’t like going for rehearsals, she loves to be on the stage.

Cuoco said that she hopes Bionetty understands that even Bionetty is retiring, it doesn’t mean that her life is finished. She thanked her with this note and hoped to see Bionetty enjoying in the backyard with her babies. Kaley said that there can be no replacement for Netty. It is heart-melting to see how Kaley Cuoco praised her companion for being fierce and fast. And at the same time, it is funny how they shared a bond where they even had the same boots.