Will Modi goverment extend lockdown after April 14?

Coronavirus: PM Modi hints at possible lockdown extend after 14th April. NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi indicated to legislature ...


As number of casualties and infected personals are facing an increase, the question on over a billion Indian minds is — will Modi government extend lockdown?


  • The center has requested suggestions from the state govt.

  • Decision will be made in national interest, said the center.

  • May have to wait longer due to increasing cases: Prakash Javadekar


Out of the 21 days lockdown, two weeks are over. And as the areas in the impact of COVID-19 are expanding, the question in everyone’s mind is — will the lockdown extend to have a surprising exit? And will the government address the economic sufferings it costs?

Will lockdown extend after April 14:

As per the recent indications given by union minister Prakash Javadekar and Prime minister Modi himself in their addresses that “fight against COVID-19 could be a long one”, it seems that the lockdown might not be lifted instantly. The discussion is centered around the idea that the lockdown would be lifted progressively with a timeline that is not defined yet.

China now a day.

How will Government stop the economy from collapsing:

The government and WHO claims that the lockdown has proven to be an effective weapon in the battle against the virus. But as a reaction, it also hurts the economy and the public.

A senior bureaucrat in the finance ministry quoted that India’s daily GDP is roughly $8 billion. And a lockdown of around a month can roughly lead to a loss of near about $250 billion. If the lockdown is lifted soon, some lost ground can be recovered in the upcoming financial year 2020-2021. A long lockdown could push it beyond recovery.

Inside the minds of state goverments:

Modi’s central is in no mood to take unilateral decisions. Because of this in his latest video conference meet with CMs, Prime Minister requested the states to submit their suggestions on how the lockdown can end in a progressive manner.
Many of the CMs are working on relaxing the lockdown according to their state’s specific reqirements such as annual harvesting of crops. Some of the states such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab have already announced some relaxation for labourers and farmers.

COVID-19 impact: Delhi breathes clean air.

The centre may also leave it to states to assess the situation and take decisions. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that some flexibilities might be given to agricultural activites. Flights and railway may also be partially opened and the hotspots might face some more days of complete lockdown.

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