Corpus Christi pipeline explodes after barge hit it; Six sent to area hospitals

Looks like 2020 is the worst year in the history of mankind, hardly a week went for the terrifying explosion in Lebanon and now, Corpus Christi pipeline explodes after barge hit it on Friday along the Texas Gulf Coast and has caused several people with burns and first respondents to close nearby roads as they struggle the blaze in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Corpus Christi massive explosion of pipeline in barge collision.


According to reports, nearly 6 hospitalized after Texas pipeline explodes in barge collision. The explosion took place on Frid morning and it was so massive that Emergency crews blocked several roads near Lantana Street and Up River Road.

Corpus Christi Police Department Deputy Chief, Billy Breedlove said that a pipeline exploded after a vessel in the water hit it.

Fire Chief officer Robert Rocha added that an estimate of six people were transported to a local hospital.He said that they were attempting to get a count of people involved in the explosion.

The extent of the injuries of people wasn’t immediately known. Emergency crews aided around eight people, Out of which Six were taken to area hospitals, four by CCFD team and two by the Coast Guard and rest of two others refused treatment, as said by Robert on Corpus Christi explosion.

“Texas Division of Emergency Management and Department of Public Safety are already on the ground to provide support, and the Corpus Christi Commission on Environmental Quality is monitoring air quality in the area,” the statement reads.

They further added that “The state stand is ready to provide any additional personnel and resources needed to address this event and keep Texans in the area safe.”


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