About 50 years ago, the Apollo landing on the Moon on 20th July, 1969, took place. The Iconic landing and later the speech of President Nixon is remembered by all. This day marked as a day of celebration and beginning of next era for the future of Space Missions.

A Richard Nixon Deepfake AI modulated speech created by MIT center for Advanced Virtuality is created. Also the speech provided shows that the former president, providing a speech about the moon landing. He provided the information that all astronauts on board the Apollo 11 had died.

The basis of Deepfake Moon Landing Speech is to provide an example as how much dangerous this deepfake technology is, in this era of internet-based information sharing. The speech looks very real, although it never really took place. The purpose of these deepfake videos is to make people understand how much vulnerable this AI modified content can be. And it should  project the truth in even more curated manner and not to create fake mis-informative content.


The Deepfake Moon landing speech of Nixon is part of an art exhibition installed in Amsterdam. The speech is titled as “ In event of Moon Disaster”. It consists of a 1960s era of living room with a vintage television set surrounded by three other screens. The Screen also provides the edited images of Richard Nixon conveying the speech that he provided in 1969. On the middle screen, Richard Nixon reads out the contingency speech that was actually written down by his speech writer “in the event of moon disaster”.

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Ian Goodfellow, a Ph.D. student, invented the deepfake, which is based on generative adversarial networks, or GANs in 2014. The MIT team used the concept of Deep learning, which is also a type of AI.


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