Disney Legend Tony Baxter doubles down on redoing Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Tony Baxter is a Disney Legend and Walt Disney Imagineer. He reiterates his support for the Adventure of Creativity of Figment’s attraction. He creates a possibility of a completely animated film with Figment feature.


The initial Journey Into Fantasy attraction at Epcot. They opened it on March 5, 1983. The park was so convoluted. It opened in October 1982 after five months delay. When it opened, it had quickly become a success with visitors.  They needed a much-needed diversion in a park. During that time Disney lacked characters.

Dream finder and Figment became an integral part of the EPCOT centre. They closed the attraction in October 1998. The company Kodak agreed to withdraw and not redesign this ageing attraction. In October 1999, during what will be the low point of the Walt Disney Imagineering and the Disney Parks. During the digital reception, Baxter also called it a “nightmare. They bombarded Guest Relations members of Walt Disney World Members with visitors’ concerns about the weak trip. They dearly missed Figment and Dreamfinder.

Disney Legend Tony Baxter and Figment


Disney Legend Tony Baxter

The Road to Figment opened to visitors in June 2002, who enjoyed seeing Figment return home and hearing the classic theme “One Little Spark.” However, before something new could be made, it was still felt like a temporary repair. That’s in the middle of the 2000s. This journey remains free. It’s only been the longest attraction ever to occupy rooms, and even to survive the initial attraction.

Baxter has been called back on to work as a creative advisor for the “Princess and the Frog” overlay of Splash Mountain, and he seems eager to work on another overhaul. He even brought up the possibility of doing a film: “Maybe we can even do a film. That would even be better. A full-length animated feature film starring Figment. Let’s do a kick starter right now. ”

A fascinating collaboration between Studio lab and the Walt Disney Animation Studios, with sculptors collaborating on multiple clays and computer versions of figments, announced an episode of One Day in Disney” back in early September.

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