Disneyland Paris closing again due to coronavirus

Disneyland Paris closing again:

Disneyland Paris closing again due to coronavirus. Walt Disney’s  Disneyland Paris is to close down again because of the surge of new Covid 19 cases. French President Emmanuel Macron has imposed a second nationwide Lockdown that will shut many businesses including Disneyland. The lockdown may last for a month.

Disneyland Paris closing again
Disneyland Paris closing again
France Lockdown:

The COVID 19 death toll hit the highest in France. In response to this  Mr. Macron has declared that all the non-essential business-like restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres will shut down. Essential services and schools will remain open. The lockdown will last more than December 1. This new development has affected businesses like Disney world Paris.

Germany and Europe to follow the French way:

COVID19 has hit European nations like the UK and Germany hard. Every day’s death toll is huge in numbers. The government has announced a night curfew every day in many countries in Europe. Germany will follow France in terms of lockdown in case of emergencies.

Why the drastic measures?:

COVID 19 is spreading like crazy. Half of France’s hospital’s ICU wards are full of COVID 19 patients. The country’s economy is going into a spiral down. The president says under the new laws of the Lockdown, people need to fill a form to justify the reason for leaving their homes. Social gatherings are banned.  People can go for medical appointments, work, assisting a relative, etc. The major aim is that the country’s economy must not stop or go down further.

Hongkong Disney Land shuts down again:

Following the French pattern, Disney land in Hongkong also closes down again. This closure is unexpected as only 52 cases of COVID 19 have been reported in the city. Although Disney Land is shutting down, resorts and hotels are remaining open. They have to alter their services and maintain social distancing according to COVID 19 laws.

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