Dorohedoro Season 2: Release date | Cast | Storyline | Every details you should know about this upcoming season.

Dorohedoro season 2 Release date, cast, storyline and know what you missed at season one’s finale :

Know Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and every trivia

Japan is the motherland of Anime and Manga. Today we are covering another Japanese manga/ Anime Masterpiece called Dorohedoro. If you are an Anime world veteran you sure have already heard about this anime and might be waiting for its upcoming season. If you are not that new to this then Read further for great Anime/ Manga recommendations.

Dorohedoro is Japanese manga later adapted into anime. It portrays a world where humans like us are just mere experiment specimens. It tells the story of one such human caiman whose head turned into a reptile head. As a result of one such experiment gone wrong. Having lost his memory caiman is now on a mission to find out who did this to him.

For a detailed story and Every detail about the upcoming season Read further.

All about Dorohedoro season 2 :

Know Official Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and storyline.
Know Official Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and storyline. (Caiman on a mission)


The storyline is not confirmed as of now but it is expected to pick up where it’s left. And it will go as Manga only. Only 8 chapters from 23 published chapters are covered in the first season. However, nothing is official now. So we have to be patient until any further official statements.


Characters will also be the same. But some new strong enemies and new friends of caiman can occur and reoccur in an attempt to make this upcoming season more interesting.

( * For detailed information about characters skip to the heading Dorohedoro season One character)


So the good news is You can watch your favorite Anime’s second season in 2021 only as per reports. But again there is the other side of the coin so, no official release date is announced as of now.

While talking about this upcoming season did you know? The creators of this anime never thought in their wildest dreams that Dorohedoro will be this successful. Hence nothing is officiated until the First season ended.

All about Dorohedoro season 1 :

Know Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and brief recap of season 1
Know Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and a brief recap of season 1

Dorohedoro season 1 Storyline:  (spoiler Free)

As you read earlier, the storyline portrayed caiman having a reptile’s head ( seems like a crocodile/ Alligator). But the irony is his whole body is human but his head. He became like this because of some experiments hazard by wizards. Now, caiman has lost his identity with his human head. But with the head gone his memories.

All caiman wants now is to find his real identity and the culprit behind his identity crisis fallen on him. He has to fight many wizards in his way obviously. Without them, let’s be honest anime tend to be boring. So the question that arises here is will he be able to find his identity and culprits? Watch Dorohedoro for your answer. It is light-hearted anime, with a hint of action and adventure you will never regret investing your time in this Anime.

Watch Dorohedoro’s Official Trailer Here.


(*  This part contains potential spoilers of Dorohedoro season 1, if you haven’t watched this series yet, read parts as per headings to avoid spoilers).

In the finale episode of the series, we came to know some hidden secrets of Macabre En. Like why he rules the wizarding world About his parents. This episode also has a well crafted back story. However, Nikaido is stabbed by an assailant. But he got his freedom from En’s power.

Now, Nikaido and Caiman are on the run and reached some remote village where both swear to be friends no matter what. But he still didn’t find out who is behind his agony And that concludes season 1.  And we can expect season 2 will take over from here.


Know Dorohedoro season 2 Release date and brief recap of season 1
Know Dorohedoro season 2 Know Dorohedoro season 2 Release date revealed yet or not?
  •  Caiman: protagonist, his mission is to find out who turned his head into reptile’s head. And finding his memories. He is semi-human and knows a trick or two of wizardry.
  • Nikaido: she is caiman’s best friend. Nikaido is with caiman in his every mission. She owns a small restaurant called Hungry bug in Hole (the city where human resides). She has her contact in the wizard’s world.
  • En: Has mushroom business he thinks he has turned his parents into one. En is resurrected to take his revenge on the factory of wizards.
  • Chidaruma: most powerful wizard of all. However, He is bored with his life.
  • Asu: Nikaido’s friend in the wizard’s world. But they related to past life which she forgets.
  • Risu: A wizard who knows and connected to caiman’s past.
  • Jonson: the giant cockroach. Later adopted by kasukabe.
  • Professor Kasukabe: learned about wizards for years. Caiman’s ally.

And Many other reoccurring characters.

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Most FAQs on Dorohedoro:

  1. What is the Dorohedoro season 2 Release date?
    Answer:  you can expect season 2 in the last months of 2021. However, no official announcement about the release date has come to light yet, but there will be season 2 for sure.
  2. Caiman is in love with Nakaido ?
    Answer: In an attempt to find out his identity Nikaido has helped him a lot and in the finale episode as well they swear to be friends but, no romantic angle is shown in season 1 so we can look out for season 2. There might be something on this side of the story.
  3. Where to watch Dorohedoro season 2?
    Answer:  Dorohedoro is on Netflix, and season 2 will also come on Netflix. But you have to wait till everything about this upcoming season to be official.


Release date revealed yet or not ?
Dorohedoro is on Netflix, see all trivia about Dorohedoro season 2 Release date.

Dorohedoro season 2 Release date, cast, and the official storyline is not confirmed yet. But season 2 will sure be on the lists as caiman hasn’t completed his mission and yet to find his identity. So we can only wait and pray for the upcoming season to come early or on the estimated date. Till then watch Dorohedoro season 1.
And let us know how excited are you for this upcoming season? Or have you watched season one, did you like it?