Dr. Dre files a prenuptial agreement against wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre has filed prenuptial agreement against estranged wife Nicole Young. The agreement denies Nicole Young his property, but it allows spousal support. The legal salvo states that the property brought by either of the two will be kept separate amid the heated divorce. Now it will be up to the judge to take the final decision of determining the validity of the prenup.

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Dr. Dre, 55, married Nicole in 1996. The couple has two children- a 23-year-old son Truice Young and a 19-year-old daughter Truly Young. The couple is now separated after 24 years of marriage. Nicole Young filed for the divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Nicole claimed that Dr. Dre tore up the agreement shortly after they got married. However, Dr. Dre has denied the claim.

Dr. Dre files a prenup against Nicole Young
Dr. Dre submits prenuptial agreement to court amid divorce.

The prenuptial agreement states that it must be revoked in writing, but Dr. Dre said that the progression was hardly taken. The agreement also states that if it is upheld by the judge, then Nicole would get a substantial amount monthly. Young had earlier requested $2 million per month as spousal support from Dr. Dre. He slammed the request as ‘absurd’ and said that he is already paying the bill for her every need. But Nicole’s lawyer claimed in the court that Nicole has been paying all the expenses by herself since the couple got split.

However, the papers state that Dr. Dre has been covering the amount for the Malibu estate Young is living in. It includes security costs. Previously, Young had asked $5 million to pay her attorney’s fees. But Dre said that he had already given close to $1 million voluntarily. And this is when the divorce papers were not even filed.

Nicole also accused Dr. Dre of physical and emotional abuse. But Dre has dismissed the claims. He said that Nicole played an important role in his life and career.