Dr. Dre’s Ex Justifies Request For $2M in Monthly Spousal Support

Dr. Dre’s ex, Nicole Young, has explained the reasons behind why she needs $2 million every month in temporary spousal support.

Dr. Dre's ex

She has elaborated in her legal papers, justifying the expense. Nicole claims she needs $100,000 for the mortgage. $900,000 will be spent on entertainment. He monthly necessities require $135,000 for clothes. $20,000 is for cell phone, internet and emails. This also included $60,000 per month for education. She did not indicate if this amount for her education or her children’s education. This money could be used for her son Truice, 23, or daughter Truly Young, 19.

American Express Black hat Dr. Dre pays for, she claims that she has been cut off from. Nicola had filed for divorce in June after 24 years of marriage. She is currently living in a house in Malibu, California. Dr. Dre’s ex said that Dr. Dre shouted “F*** you. F*** you. Get the f*** out. Get the f*** out. Go to Malibu.” at her.

In her divorce document, Dr. Dre’s ex claims “history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage.”. Although there is no evidence supporting this claim. After she filed for the divorce, Nicole apparently got a text from Dr. Dre. “Why are you ignoring me? Why are you ignoring me … should I come see you?”, which seemed frightening to her.



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