Dreams Climbs Charts And The Reason Is A TikTok Video, Crazy!

The Viral TikTok Video

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic Dream made it to the Billboard again after decades. With millions of views and reviews. A huge fan following growing overnight and the reason is a viral TikTok video and Dreams climbs charts all over again.

Nathan Apodaca is a TikToker and makes TikTok video out of the fun. But he never thought a mere video of him landing in his skateboard can bring him immense popularity overnight. Not only him he made the biggest hit of 1977, but Dream climbs charts and becomes the most listened song.

Apodaca also knows as @DoggFace2003 post a video on 25th September. It was a regular day for him and went for work sipping a bottle of raspberry juice. He made a video while riding his skateboard with Dream in the background.

And soon after the video posted it got viral and started to circulating on different social media platforms. Seems many rediscover Dream and loved it all over again. There are millions of searches for the song in just a few days and Dreams climbs charts.

Atlanta – June 1: Fleetwood Mac, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Class of 1998) Singer/Songwriter Stevie Nicks performs at The Omni Coliseum in Atlanta Georgia June 1, 1977 (Photo By Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Dream climb charts very uncertainly and made it to the Billboards 100. Also on Spotify Fleetwood Mac’s Dream rose the highest of 200 in the US at no-24 by September 25th. It rises to 61 spots in Apple music which made it the highest hike of the year.

Fleetwood Mac also appreciated the video and thanks for the video he made which covered their song. The band tweeted the viral video with a caption “We love this!”

The video not only raises the fan following of Dream but Apodaca also gets a huge fan following by this. The guy who is a very common man gets popular just in a few days. Apodaca does not have a home to stay and he within these days gets a donation of a huge $10,000. Which is unbelievable and crazy.

He thanked donors and everyone who watched the video. He thanks them for the huge support and is overwhelmed!

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