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Study In India: Gaining knowledge is a right as well as the authority of every human being. Primarily, knowledge comes from education. Knowledge is a fact about something whereas education is a process of attaining. Knowledge is informal experience. On the other hand, Education is a formal experience gained in schools, colleges etc. Knowledge is a wider term than education. 

Knowledge is key to success.

Well, since India got independence in 1947. A lot of leaders came forward to push India towards growth and prosperity. Not only present leaders but also old leaders like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, Madan Mohan, Sarojini Naidu, Jawahar Lal Nehru and many more. They contributed and enhanced the Indian education system at the next level. Struggling India became leading India. Our present PM Narendra Modi also launched ‘Make In India’ which aims at progress of Indian culture. 

Quality of Education System

Government of India initiated and helped students across the globe. Therefore, the top Indian Institute ensure that foreign students should enhance their learning power, skills and knowledge.

India offers the best quality of education and research. Moreover, all the top private and government universities and colleges make sure to maintain the education running.

The Indian government has reserved certain seats for every category. There is a separate seat for foreign students seeking college in India. 

Hence, the degree provided is of the best quality. This means degree is valuable and further, it will help in future journey.

About Study In India

Study In India was launched in 2018. Keeping in view, the development of the country. Educational Consultants of India (EdCIL) with the help of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) took initiative. EdCIL is a Central Public Sector Enterprise.

Aiming to make Indian education system conquer across the globe. Learning in India should reach a peak.

Therefore, Study in India ensured the enhancement of universities. Around 150 educational Institutions, colleges are working on this. The courses on engineering, commerce, management, ethics, philosophy, other foreign languages etc are added in top universities of India. 



Students from abroad come and take admission to learn more. They select their course according to their interest and preferences. Institutes like DU, EFLU, BHU, IIT, IIM, JNU etc. welcome students all across the globe. Various degrees, diplomas, courses are available in these educational institutions. Moreover, they have several different subjects to study. They provide the best education and learning. Highly educated and experienced professor is appointed to represent and teach these top institutes.

Ministry of HRD tweeted on Study in India.

COVID- 19 Impact on Education

Everyone knows about worldwide pandemic took place. Coronavirus challenged the whole world. Due to the Coronavirus, every country is under control. Scientists all across the globe working hard day and night to find vaccine or medicine. It is painful to say, there is no cure for this spreading disease. We, humans, are dependent on precautions and government guidelines.

Although, people are getting well. Still, there are so many of them died helplessly. Approximately, 6.8M cases are confirmed. 397K deaths have occurred. Many countries with best medical facilities cried in front of the Coronavirus. Countries like China, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy etc are sufferers.

In this situation, the Education system is suffering a lot. Here, comes the time when online learning and classes preferred to be the best. For instance, America had to close its universities for a year. This is happening because of the coronavirus. Well, their technology is superior. They are first in the economic race. Although, they are facing hurdles now but soon recover.

A country like India faces the maximum problem. Most of the students live in remote areas and villages. It is one of the most major problems in India. The education is provided but the quality is still poor somewhere. Undoubtedly, India is working hard for this.


Students Problem

Now, the problem faced by the students who are seeking for further studies abroad. They need to apply to universities in other countries. Admission is the main reason for worry. Well, the universities abroad have ensured it thoroughly. Universities at abroad will soon communicate with students and send them to notice for admission. Wastage of year will not take place. They can also fill the form of Indian Universities. Likewise, the students residing in foreign can also apply for universities in India.

The cut-off and merit-based will decide the eligible student and welcomes them. This year it may possible that cut-off will rise. Therefore, they should not wait for 2021 admissions. Next year the cut-off can increase more. Right now, travelling is not safe. No need to worry because online procedures are available.

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