Elvira pleads ‘Don’t Cancel Halloween!’ in a new music video.

Elvira Halloween: Elvira pleads ‘Don’t Cancel Halloween!’ in a new music video. Casandra Peterson is also the Mistress of the Dark- Elvira. She is doing a Halloween themed video.
Casandra Peterson is Elvira
Casandra Peterson is Elvira
Casandra Peterson or Elvira: She is an American actress, songwriter and played the well-known character, Elvira -Mistress of the Dark. Elvira is also famous for her black gothic attire. In her childhood, she was burnt by hot water and so she needed skin grafts. She liked horror-themed toys when other girls played with Barbie dolls. She married her manager Marc Pierson and divorced.
Elvira Halloween the Brand: The character Elvira soon became a brand as she released her comics, action figures, trading cards, Halloween costumes, perfumes, dolls, etc. She collaborated with Paragon to produce the movie ‘The Haunted Hills’. Peterson was also famous for non-Elvira roles like  Pee wee’s Big adventure, Allan Quartermain, and the lost city of gold, All about Evil.
Halloween: On October 31st, many countries,  celebrate All saint’s Eve or All Hallow’s Eve. It makes people remember the dead, saints, martyrs, and faithful. The festivities include dressing up as witches, wizards, ghosts, etc, and children play trick or treat. It also involves carving Jack’o’ Lanterns, games, pranks, and visit horror themed places.
Corona Virus Pandemic: Elvira begs the world not to cancel Halloween celebrations because of the COVID 19. She says in the lyrics that quarantine would make her mad and it would suck if there is no Halloween.
Elvira The Omega Maam: Meanwhile, Elvira is also coauthoring a comic book The Omega Maam based on her own life. Casandra Peterson is associated with Elvira for 35 years now. So she will write her own character. Peterson is collaborating with the Dynamite group and itis already a great success.

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