Eva Green ‘A Patriot’ derailed cause of her | Sued for that

Eva Green, ‘A Patriot’  cast has put the movie off the tracks. The French actress has been in a high court of London. The producing company sued the actress. Eva Green was on of the casts among Helen Hunt and Charles dance.

Eva Green Faces legal charges
Green’s unreasonable demands derailed “A Patriot”, Claims White Lantern.

Eva was also the executive producer of the film. She has accusations of butchering “A Patriot”, a 4 million Euros sci-fi thriller with her unreasonable demands. The production claimed that the project was scraped as Eva abandoned the project. Film Company, White Lantern Ltd. said that green wanted an “Army of kind and talented people” around her. Even though the company repeatedly conveyed that they lack budget, Eva was fixated on it. Also,The actress demanded her line of crew members citing that she could not perform, without them. In addition the actress demanded visual effects supervisor George Zwier in the team. The film company was not to afford her demands.

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Eva Green was supposed to play the part of Kate Jones in “A Patriot”. Interestingly, Eva attacked White Lantern last month with legal charges. She sued the company for 8 million Euros which she claims, she deserves as her fees for the project. Besides, the actress says she signed a “Pay or Play” contract which makes her eligible for the fees, even though the film failed.

The company claims that Eva owes more than 1 million, somewhat around 1.3 million Euros. The company believes that she should also be charged for the profit that the movie would have made. The estimated profit is expected around 100 Million Euros, claims White Lantern.

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