Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator for excessive data requests beyond the scope of their investigation. Specifically, highly sensitive information in regards to Facebook employees’ medical information, personal financial information, and information the employees’ family. Facebook sues EU to protect the privacy of its employees. Facebook has already handed over 315,000 documents since the antitrust regulator began their investigation. As of Monday, July 27, 2020 Facebook has filed two lawsuits against the EU antitrust regular. Additionally, they’ve also sought interim measures that would stop the EU antitrust regulator from requesting additional data. Basically, this means that the investigators cannot request additional data after Facebook sues have been settled in the EU courts.

Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator

Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator



As Facebook sues the EU antitrust regulator the question for anyone on where is why? Specifically, why is Facebook under antitrust investigation in the EU? The antitrust regulator is investigating Facebook to determine if it has made it possible smaller companies or startups to compete. Specifically, it’s trying to determine if Facebook has deliberately saturated markets. A monopoly occurs with a single entity as complete or almost complete control over an industry or market. The children’s game monopoly is an example of this fact the goal of the game is to own everything. Antitrust laws and regulators are intended to monopolies from occurring two reasons. The first is because monopolies can damage economies, especially if the individuals controlling it are greedy and uncaring.

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The second reason is because monopolies by their very nature prevent innovation in industry. If Some completely control industry there’s no need to innovate to outcompete competitors. To that end, the EU antitrust regulator has been investigating Facebook’s data banks and online marketplace. Part of their search criteria is to comb through very stop looking for one of 2,500 key phrases. The regulator apparently believes they can find more evidence of these key phrases the documents Facebook suing them over. Whatever the outcome of Facebook Sues EU antitrust regulators investigation will continue. If the EU regulators decide Facebook has created a monopoly in the EU Facebook could be forced to cease operation. Specifically, Facebook order to stop the use of its marketplace EU member countries.