Facebook warns Apple’s iOS 14 could shave more than 50% from Audience Network revenue

Facebook warns Apple regarding Audience Network Revenue. Facebook on Wednesday has again warned Apple about its upcoming iOS 14. This update may shave more than 50% of the Audience Network revenue says Facebook. Earlier Facebook had also argued about the impact of iOS 14 on the advertising business.

The Facebook Audience Network is a portable programming of engineers to give in-app notices which focuses on clients dependent on Facebook’s information. This audience network publicists can use the IDFA number for their advertisement. But after the launch of iOS 14 these things will not be able to happen in open scale. This due to all the updated privacy policies in the next OS update given to the Apple phones. All the privacy policies are to high to be broken into. Also these policies not allow other companies than the owner company to take out the IDFA data of the user.

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Facebook warns Apple

Facebook also said that over 1 billion people are in this network. This network is more occupied by the Android phones but this does not mean to upgrade the privacy policy and not let the other companies get the information the app requires. Facebook has the top level of marketing and influencing the people to get their advertise done on their application.

On the other hand, Apple has not spoken anything about this matter. They have also not reveled about the OS update in their phones. However its evident that Apple is going to revel the OS update soon.

Facebook states “We realize this may seriously affect distributes capacity to adapt through Audience Network on iOS 14. Regardless of our earnest attempts, may deliver Audience Network so inadequate on iOS 14 that it may not bode well to offer it on iOS 14 later on”. This statement was made on the blog post of Facebook.

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