Facial Recognition Powerful Yet Controversial Technology

Facial Recognition is surely a method of recognising a person’s face through technology. Therefore, we are one step ahead in today’s world. However, this creates alot of queries in everyone’s mind. How can a technology recognise face. We human know each other by recognition. Those recognition comes from our features. Mainly, nose, eyes, lips, face shape etc. Do technology also recognise because of features.

This system uses biometric means to can facial features from a photograph or video. It converts facial features reading into database. Hence, this way it recognise most of us. Undoubtedly, technology is highly advance. Innovations are always welcomed. The data of your face is stored and assessed. So, whenever you come across such system. Surely, it recognises you. Moreover, it has some issues related to privacy. In addition to this, it can be controversial technology too.

Facial recognition

Trace Covid-19

CCTV are used for recording purpose. You enter a mall, showroom, hotel etc. You will find a CCTV camera. This is just a recording device used to keep records on daily basis. It is useful for future reference. Meanwhile, Covid-19 outbreak gave a shock to human life. Now, we need a device who can trace or track covid-19 patients. Facial recognition as a technology is a solution. The Government using this technology to trace or track the people who are infected from Covid-19.

Unlocking your phone and now testify yourself. This is the main criteria for facial recognition. Also, the only option left to keep ourselves safe. The controversy starts here. Do facial recognition trace people wearing mask? Therefore, upgrading of facial recognition technology needed. Mask has become a part of attire in human life. So, the traces can be done through wearing mask. Absolutely, this technology need to be upgraded.

Uber adopts Facial Recognition Technology

The fight against Covid-19 is long and terrific. You can’t fight through a sword or debate with it. It is virus spreading through contacts. It is invisible to human. Meanwhile, Uber drivers have adopted the facial recognition technology for safety. Countries like India, United States, Canada and others adopted this rule. The drivers have to wear mask while they are on work. In addition to this, they need to strictly follow the new technology.

They need to wear mask and pose for selfie. Showing they are obeying the rules. Also, they need to wash their hands and cover their face before entering the vehicle. The policy regarding safety needs to be followed. Well, the facial recognition only pays attention while the person is in front. After that it does nothing. For the time being this biometric technology is used for safety.


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