Famous Korean league of Legends team T1 teases the next episode of ‘RUN BTS’

T1 Teases ‘RUN BTS’.
Finally, the moment fans have been waiting for is here. Faker (lee sang Hyuk ) Has been trending on Twitter for quite some time because of BTS. He rumored to be the guest on RUN BTS

Seems like Army(BTS’s fandom) is getting smarter day by day and yes they have guessed it right. This rumor turns out to be true now that T1 teases ‘RUN BTS’.

There will be two episodes of RUN BTS featuring League of legend team T1. Episodes will air on 3 November 2020 and 10 November 2020 at 9 pm Korean standard time. T1 will play various mini-games and showcase their singing and dancing talents.

Today (3 November 2030) T1 teases RUN BTS with 16 seconds long audio clip playing BTS ‘ON’.It also features the T1x RUN BTS logo at the end of the released clip. This short clip was captioned as ‘ready to RUN’. Right now no one is happier than Armies because they have guessed it accurately. And we can’t wait for this much-anticipated episode to air.

Faker ( lee sung Hyuk ), Teddy (park Jin Seong), Business (lee sang ho), canna (Kim chang dong), and cuzz (Moon woo chan) are the members of T1 the league of legend’s team (Korean professional gaming team owned by SK telecom ) will appear on the show.

What T1 has to say:

T1 teases RUN BTS
T1 teases RUN BTS

Both groups are world-renowned groups and considered an elite group in South Korea.
T1 and BTS have a very different yet same fan base. Because both of these groups’ target audience is youth.

In an interview, Faker revealed that he is an Army, and Kim Tae Hyung (stage name V) is his bias. Although BTS also revealed that they are also the biggest fan of this 3-time world champion team.
Lee sung Kyung (Faker of T1):” It’s an honor and I’m so thankful that I was invited as a first official guest on RUN BTS. It was really an enjoyable experience”.

It will be very exciting to see these two groups collaborate. And how will they relate to each other when T1 and BTS both belong to a completely different profession.

What do you think about this collaboration? How excited are you for today’s RUN BTS episode?

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