Fast and Furious sequel ‘F9’ release delayed to May 2021

Fast and Furious 9 release date is postponed to May 2021. Universal made the announcement after thinking with other producers. This is the second time the release date is being delayed. Sources say the decision was made right after the news of upcoming James Bond film’s release date was spreading. The release date of “No time to die” was November 2020. However, it is delayed to April 2nd, 2021. This date was also decided to release Fast and Furious 9.

Fast and Furious 9

Fast and Furious 9

Fast and Furious fans think that the ninth sequel is worth the wait. This makes sense due to the success of the previous movies before Fast and Furious 9.

History before Fast and Furious 9:

The Fast and the Furious released on June 22nd, 2001. The main plot to this movie was Vin Diesel and his team was investigated by LAPD. There were a bunch of high-speed robberies in Los Angeles, Vin Diesel and his team street car racer were suspects. FBI agent, Paul Walker was sent undercover to be a part of Vin Deisel’s team and investigate the situation. The movie got a 6.8 out of ten, 53% on Rotten Tomatoes and 58% on Metacritic. The movie got so famous that the movie series continued for the next two decades.

The most tragic moment for the Fast and Furious family was when Paul Walker died. The talented actor died on November 30th, 2013. That was the same year when Fast and Furious 6 was released to honour his death.

Fast and Furious 8 hit the theatres on April 12th, 2017. The plot of sequel 8 was Vin Deisel was called by Charlize Theron, who involved him in terrorism. The team in the first movie had to come together to stop terrorism and save Vin Deisel.

The legacy of the film series continues with Fast and Furious 9. Fans are patiently waiting for ‘F9’

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