H&M is collaborating with The Vampire’s wife

The Vampire’s wife has collaborated with H&M for launching a new fashion collection. They are launching the new collections in October . The vampire’s wife fashion brand belongs to Susie cave. Top Models like Kiera knightly , kate moss, Cate blanchett, Sienna miller are fans of the label.

The Vampires wife is collaborating with H&M
Top Models are fans of the label.

H&M : It is a swedish multinational company into clothing retail. It has 5000+ stores and also an online presence .H&M have taken alot of pain to design dresses that are exactly as Susie Cave’s specifications.

The collection and designs: The vampire’s wife collection is reknowned for details like  artistic sleeves, frilled hemlines , metalic colours etc. The ancient Gothic culture is the inspiration for these dresses. The falconetti dresses of the brand are extremely famous among models and artists. Because of these features , those who like dark romantic themes are a fan of the label.

The Halloween collection :Susie is thrilled that they are launching the  collection just before halloween. The dresses are like an act of magic .

The new affordable collection :  H&M and the Vampire’s wife’s new collection is suprisingly affordable. It has designer shoulder dresses, lace gloves and branded T shirts .The entire collection is made of recycled material and that makes it less expensive. Those who dream of a celebrity like wardrobe can now afford it . 

Susie and Nick cave : Susie’s husband Nick cave has also conributed by designing the jewelary  of the collection .Susie was a former model and the Vampire’s wife is her vision. Whereas Nick cave is an Australian singer  and song writer .

Susie Cave is excited : she feels that it is wonderful to be colaborating with a powerful brand like H&M. She feels the dress collection is not only beautiful but also romantic. These ready to wear dresses are a must haves for all those pretty girls .

Meanwhile in India : The Indian fashion world is also abuzz with the new digital fashion week.

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