David Adjaye Receives the Queen’s Highest Architecture Honor

David Adjaye attracts international recognition for his contributions to architecture for 25 years. The (RIBA) announced that Sir David Adjaye will recieve the 2021 Royal Gold Medal . This award is one of the prestigious honors for architecture.

The Queen’s approval: The British queen has personally approved the award. They give the award to those groups or individuals who contribute to the advancement of architecture. The queen is pleased to give away the award.

RIBA president Alan Jones is all praises for David Adjaye. He says that he is pleased in giving the honor. ALan feels that Adjaye’s work is the perfect combination of art , science and history. He also feels that Adjaye’s work is local as well as global.

David Adjaye the man: He is a British- Ghanian national. David also received the title “Sir” in 2017.Adjayes age is 50 yaers. He feels that architecture involves creation of beauty .Adjaye feels while contributing to the evolution of architecture should also involve social impact.

Professional excellence: He was also a professor of architecture in US and UK. From the start of his career itself he teached in world reknowned universities like Howards, Princeton, Pensylvania etc. David Adjaye founded his company the Adjaye Associates in the year 2000.In 2016, his company built National Museum of African American History and culture in the city of Washington DC. Another of his notable works is  Nobel Peace centre in Oslo Norway (2005).

The David Adjaye meseum
David Adjaye’s work

As Adjaye is rejoicing in the happiness of his award the future of  architecture is looking a little bit different.

Architecture scools  in current situation: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic has forced the schools  to discuss topics online. Technology has helped a lot but certain aspects need field training. This makes us to rethink the future of architecture schools in the post covid 19 situation .let us hope for the best.

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