Bill Burr And Issa Rae Are The SNL Hosts For October

Issa Rae following Bill Burr will SNL hosts for October. The promo already releases. Fans who were in doubt if SNL is going to live this year, the relief is here. Saturday Night Live is all set to start entertaining on the 10th of October.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is one of the premieres on the list. The unbound comedy show never fails to entertain their fans with their funny comedy timing. SNL is among the very few stage comedy perform nowadays and is popular with an increasing fan following.

However, it takes some time to come up with their 46th season this year because of COVID. The pandemic took a grasp to all the production. SNL also experience a back through in the process.

But finally Saturday Night Live is back with a bang. All new drama-comedy will stage on SNL 46th season this October. Bill Burr and Issa Rae respectively are the SNL hosts for October.

Megan Thee Stallion with Chris Rock will kick off the premiere of the show with their great performances. Chris Rock is greatly known for his comedy timing and the company of musical guest Megan will just rock the floor.

Bill Burr will first feature in the show. He will be showing hosting the first episode with the celebrity guest Morgan Wallen on 10th October. Following which on 17th October Issa Rae will share the stage with heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Also, Jim Carrey will perform as Joe Biden whereas Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harison, the presidential candidate for the US upcoming election. Both of the artists are the best in their genre and we expect some hilarious moments from the SNL new season.


SNL hosts for October is most anticipated with these star casts. The promo is already gaining huge appreciation and loved by all. No wonder the 46th season of Saturday Night Live will be as amazing as it was before with all new concepts and drama. Gear up!

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