Figs removed the video from Instagram and posted an apology on social media

Figs: the famous producer of medical apparels; has been facing backlash and criticisms by the doctors ever since it released its video.

Figs removed the video from Instagram and posted an apology on social media
Figs removed the video from Instagram and posted an apology on social media

The video stars a pair of scrubs in a hot pink style. Figs- the Los Angeles based brand is popularly known for this style. Furthermore, the video features a young woman pulling off scrubs and glasses; avidly reading “Medical Terminology for Dummies;” while holding the book upside down. This video has been a major reason for Figs to have attracted negative comments by the medical professionals community.

Besides producing medical apparels; also invests in the production of activewear. The firm has recently also designed a sneaker with New Balance.

The producer of medical apparels has rose to considerable popularity ever since its inception in 2013. Figs has not only raised $75 million through funding; but also has a total of $65 million coming in  a Series B round in the year 2018.

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Many doctors, nurses and medical aspirants, took to several social media platforms on Tuesday; to express their indignation at a firm, that is promoting a derogatory stereotype of less qualified or incompetent female doctors and medical professionals.

The irony stands in the fact that Figs; which was founded by two women; propagated an advertisement that explicitly considers stereotypes against female medical workers.

Figs, however, later took down the video and also released a public apology on the social media platform Instagram. The firm further added that the female founded company looks forward to make people wearing their apparels feel nice; and that they are apologetic for the insensitive video released earlier.

However, despite issuing an apology; the medical professionals were not content. Moreover, many of them took to the social media platforms of Instagram and Twitter to call out Figs for the use of rampant sexism and misogyny in its marketing tactics.

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