Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5 with David and Courtney

Awesome news Folks, the official filming of Scream 5 is finally happening! And guess what? Who would be called back to play their characters? Well, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5. Neve is really excited to revive her role as Sydney and she just can’t wait to start shooting. The actress had recently announced that she is all ready to head to set. Well, we are with you Neve. Fans can also not wait for Scream 5 to release and are really excited.

The 56-year-old Cox had also announced along with Arquette that both of them will be returning to the franchise. Courtney had signed the deal to resume her role as Gale Weathers in August. And since then we are eagerly awaiting to see her again. Well we can’t wait for David, Courtney, and Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5. Not only old members but some new members will also join the cast of Scream 5. 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette and Your actress Jenna Ortega will also be seen in Scream 5.

How do David and Courtney feel about working together?
 Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5.
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When the news that David, Courtney, and Neve Campbell reunite on Scream came to light, one question came to mind. Everyone was wondering what do David and Courtney think about working together again? Well, the actor has confessed in an interview, that he doesn’t mind working with his ex-wife. He says it is fun to work with her and she is a great actress.

Ironically the two had met back in 1996 the set of originally screams. They had gotten married in 1999 but had filed for divorce in 2010 later and finalized their divorce three years later. They have worked together in 3 sequels the last one being in 2011.  David says they love working together and have no problems. He believes since they can co-parent a 16-year-old, co-starring is the easy part. Well, that is true.

We can’t wait for Scream 5. Can you? Comment Below.

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