Scream 5 Continues Filming Despite 3 Positive COVID Tests

Scream 5 crew tested postive for COVID 19, the shooting to resume from Monday anyway. | COVID 19 | Scream 5 | Crew | %%sitename%%

The horror movie, Scream 5 continues filming despite 3 positive COVID Tests. Three crew members have tested positive for the tests.

Scream 5 Continues Filming Despite 3 Positive COVID Tests

The filming of the movie is taking place in Wilmington, North Carolina. A statement issued regarding the same says the members who tested positive belonged to the secondary pod and worked no where near the director or the film main casts. All the members who tested positive are quarantined.

Scream 5 continues filming regardless of the fact that the continuation of shooting arrests the COVID 19 protocol of studio. The crew members who tested positive are subject to more tests.

Additionally, the contract tracing has been implemented and no other crew member needs to be quarantined.

About Scream 5:

Scream 5 is a franchise of the movie Scream which was released back in 1996. Directed by Late Wes Craven, the first movie got a very good response from the viewers and became sixth highest-grossing horror franchise domestically. However, the original scream remained the most successful of all its franchises. Subsequently, the producers planned on releasing its second movie in 1997. Furthermore, the third movie got released in 2000, fourth in 2011 and now Scream 5 gets the release date in 2022.

Scream 5 Continues Filming Despite 3 Positive COVID Tests

Cast and Crew:

Scream 5 got its direction in Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett after Wen Craven passed away in 2015 by a brain tumour. The original seemed trusting their new directors and signed their roles in the movie. David Arquette, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell confirmed their roles in the movie. Moreover,  Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Dylan Minnette and Mason Gooding also joined the movie. The franchise as a whole gross over $600 million worldwide.

On Neve joining the directors released a statement saying, it would be impossible to think of Scream without Neve. They added, they felt honoured working with her.

In addition to which the actress said that she feels beyond excited to step back as Sidney Prescott and return to Woodsboro.

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