Fortnite Leak reveals Full new Black widow set and how to get it for free

Fortnite Leak :

Fortnite black widow set leak. Marvel knockout game series is garnering too much attention. Because of this developers are adding more characters and skins/sets related to marvel.

News of Fortnite adding new Black widow skin has been leaked. The black widow character can be seen in a whole white suit also known as a snowsuit. Seems like idea for the new skin set has been taken from the upcoming black widow movie itself.

Fortnite black widow set leak just a day before it’s official availability. Therefore you need not think more about the leak. As of today ( 11 November) black widow’s new skin will be available. You can use this skin for the latest black widow cup.

How to get your hands on this skin for free:

Fortnite black widow set leak
Fortnite black widow set leak

Availing a new set of skin in Fortnite is never a difficult task. You have to be on certain rankings and you can easily avail of these advantages. That’s what makes this game more interesting to play. Therefore players thrive to compete.
In Fortnite black widow set leak it is also revealed that you have to end up in a certain position to have this snowsuit.

  • If you are in Asia your ranking have to be 1st  to 100th
  • While in Europe it has to be 1st to 800th Ranking
  • Whereas in Brazil and NA west it is 1st to 200th
  • It is 1st to 500th for NA west.

Other marvel characters in Fortnite:

  • Thor – First superhero to arrive in this game is Thor. However, it is said to be a smart decision because of the visual wise. Developers had a full chance to enhance the graphics and the special effects of the game. Thor Is known as a lighting and thunder god.
  • Iron man –  Iron man is one of the famous characters of marvel. Because adding this character will only increase your gaming community.
  • Storm – considered as most powerful on earth can change the weather in a blink of an eye. As the name suggests.
  • Doctor Doom 
  • Mystique
  • She hulk

Fortnite has now had around 350 million players around the world. Because of this character’s addition, it has caught many more eyes than expected.