Justin Bieber makes CMA Awards debut performing with Dan + shay

Justin Bieber CMA Awards debut:

Justin Bieber CMA Awards debut couldn’t get any better as he performed 10,000 hours with Dan + Shay.

This Is Bieber’s debut performance. However, he just made his very first performance as a memorable one. The collaboration of Justin and Dan + shay in 10,000 hours was stellar. But listening to them live seems like Fans of Justin Bieber will remember it for ages.

Watch their original Music Video:

About a year ago Justin Bieber collaborated with Dan + Shay for 10,000 Hours and the audience welcomed this with open arms. Justin Bieber’s CMA Awards debut with this song is rather a perfect choice.

Twitter trends:

Social media sites like Twitter just can’t stop talking about their live performance. He is really and genuinely being praised for this live performance. Listeners are welcoming this country and pop music collab. And it literally sounded like heaven in their live performance. Even Reese Witherspoon praised Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay for their CMA Awards performance.

Fans were waiting for Justin Bieber CMA awards debut for years now. And I think their patience was well paid with this mesmerizing performance. Beliebers were eagerly waiting for this awards performance because earlier Justin took Twitter to inform them about his performance.

About the song 10,000 Hours:

Justin Bieber CMA Awards debut
Justin Bieber CMA Awards debut

This song is a collaboration with country music genius duo Dan +  shay and pop music singer Justin Bieber. This song has special meaning to Justin Bieber. Because 10,000 hours released just 4 days after Justin Bieber’s marriage to wife Hailey Baldwin.

Another reason for more than 170 million views on this song, is because of its unique genre. This song has a country and pop genre which is both loved by the public. But they experimented by mixing them. Hence created a Masterpiece like 10,000 hours.

Reason for choosing this song :

10,000 hours has nominated three times in CMA awards. It can be the biggest factor for Justin to debut CMA with this song.

About upcoming CMA awards:

This will be the 54th year of this award. Will be live from Music city center Nashville.
As this will be a live show in the times of pandemic. Precautionary measures have been taken because of this. So that the guests and participants will be safe and sound.

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