Gagarina, a member of the KVN Jury

Polina Gagarina
Polina Gagarina
Polina Gagarina becomes a member of KVN Jury

Polina Gagarina becomes a member of the jury on the show KVN; a Soviet and then Russian comedy television show and an international competition in which teams, usually comprising of young college students, compete by providing funny answers to questions and presenting prepared sketches from the Soviet Union. KVN is the longest running television program in Russia.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Gagarina; after taking second place to represent Russia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, she became world famous. She has engaged in writing songs and music for films and television. Including the main theme of the Battle of Sevastopol, where she performed a cover version of Viktor Tsoi ‘s song “Kukushka” (“Cuckoo”).

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Polina released three albums from the studio, and dozens of singles. Her songs are loved and admired by millions, with many music charts reaching tops on the radio and in digital stores like iTunes, Google Play, among others.

The KVN program was first transmitted on November 8, 1961 by the First Soviet Channel. The show, 11 years later, when few programs were broadcast live, Soviet censors considered offensive and anti-Soviet jokes by the students and banned KVN. During the Perestroika period in 1986 the show was resurrected 14 years later, with Alexander Maslyakov as its host.

TV broadcasts of KVN games have achieved the highest ratings in Russia for more than 20 years. The game’s popularity is so strong that even politicians use it as an incentive to win extra points. Games played before the election were attended by Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. KVN became part of the culture, demonstrated by the fact that in the Russian-speaking communities it became a game of choice.

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