Game show legend Tom Kennedy, host of ‘You Don’t Say!,’ dies at 93

Tom Kennedy dies at 93. Tom Kenndy, best known as a television host. The famous personality is confirmed dead at the age of 93. He has hosted shows like “You Don’t Say!” and “Name That Tune,”. The talented man was reported dead on October seventh, 2020Tom Kennedy dies at 93

His very close friend, Steve Beverly, announced it on Facebook. He said, “Tom had not been well in recent months but remained in communication with his family and close friends”. Tom Kennedy dies at 93, has affected a lot of people. Steve Beverly expresses that he will never forget Tom Kennedy. Moreover, he cherishes their friendship forever.

He was considered to the best host ever for game shows. His fans say that his presents make the show ten times livelier. He has also hosted “Split Second,”

Before Tom Kennedy dies at 93:

Before Tom Kennedy started his career, his name was James Edward Narz. Tom Kennedy dies at 93

The man was born in  Louisville, Kentucky. Before his career, he completed his studies at the University of Missouri and the University of Kentucky.

He worked on the radio. During his studies in Missouri, he worked in KFRU in Columbia, Missouri. During his studies in Kentucky, he worked in another radio station. Later on, he worked for the next five years on radio.

His biggest show, “You Don’t Say!”, released in NBC. The show started in 1963 and continued till 1969. Afterwards, the show aired on ABC as well in 1975. In addition, he had some experience in acting as well. Tom Kennedy came as a special appearance in many movies. For example,  The Ghost & Mrs Muir, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and Cannon.

Kennedy retired in 1989. He tried to open his own production company but it failed. In 2003, He was in “Game Show Week Part 2”, that is under Hollywood Squares.

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