Sexual harassment has become one of the most common social issues .the century has issued several types of sexual harassment. sexual harassment is considered to be making sexual remarks or other physical advances .several issues of sexual harassment have been reported all over the world.

although sexual harassment in the female gender has become common due to the increasing socialization and the law and order although in favor of the constitution, sexual harassment has taken a bizarre form and considered as a ladder to step success.

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what nobody whats to talk about is the sexual harassment among men, although men are considered a stronger gender, this doesn’t stop the sexual harassment for them …it is often neglected as men are made to be the superior race.on daily several men all around the world face sexual harassment which either goes unnoticed or is neglected.

the law against criminals for sexual harassment is functional and cooperative but, unfortunately, it only resides with the women and cannot be adapted to the change in gender .men do not share this cooperation made by the law and often suffer the wrath.

the laws of sexual harassment are often misused for a position in the workplace or a new innuendo that is social fame, it not only disqualifies the reputation of the false criminalized person but ruins the career choices of an individual. in some of the sexual harassment cases, men are framed to induce power and establish the race, which is criminalized by the law, but amendments are not made in favor of men in the constitution.

men are the victim of sexual harassment not only by women but also by men themselves .the mem community itself establish the rule of masculinity and the weaker become victim for that .the increasing socialization have induced many people to socialise and create a culture of “MEET AND GREET “.which have forced people to indulge in sexual activities due to peer pressure thus leading to a form of sexual harassment or rape.

the harassment among men can lead to many things:

  • anxiety, depression, social disorders, personality disorders, etc.
  • avoiding workplace
  • feeling the lack of masculanity
  • questioning sexual choices
  • changing career paths
  • suicidal thoughts

the changing world has also changed the order of sexual harassment, where not only women suffer but men do too!

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