GeoGuessr Game – Free Download for PC and Android [Latest Version]

GeoGuessr: As the name indicates is a game in which different locations have to be identified. This game brings virtual to reality in its true sense. In a world, when a real tour across the globe is not possible due to the current pandemic situation which has changed the way of living, GeoGuessr provides a virtual trip across the globe. GeoGuessr was released on 09 May 2013 and was designed by Anton Wallén, a Swedish IT consultant. The game gained its popularity within a couple of weeks of its official release. Thousands of visitors started to visit its official website due to its constantly gaining popularity.

Development and Motive

The game was developed because the developer loves to visit different locations, taking his love to a next level the developer developed this game to visit different places without actually being physically present. Thus this game provides a virtual tour with the help of google street view. It uses the Backbone.js JavaScript library and version 3 of the Google Maps API for bringing high definition scenic views.


As the game description says,

“Explore the world with this random location geography game! Guess where you are! Investigate and get as close as you can! 💯

✈ Travel around the world, different countries, and cities without moving from your house.”

GeoGuessr provides different algorithmically chosen places, which the player has to guess with the help of the street view of that specific place. Basically, the locations provided are roads or paths photographed by Google street view.

It only provides images of places (which can be zoomed in) and a compass that can be used to gather information regarding the place. Images may include things such as road signs, advertisement boards, vehicles, vegetation, landscapes, businesses, landmarks which can be used as clues for guessing the places. Players can also move along the roads to a certain allowed distance by the game.

Once the player is sure with his/her guess they have to locate the place in the zoomable map provided in the game. Scoring is done on the basis of how far is the actual place from the submitted place by the player. The score ranges from 0-5000. 5000 score is achieved if the guessed place is 150 meters or near to the actual place shown in the game.

As the google API has increased their prices, non-paying members now can only play Mapillary, but the locations have limited methods of movement and zoom compared to Google Street View. Non-paying members can no longer create their own challenges in which multiple can play on the same maps.

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Gaining popularity

Even though the game is quite popular in different parts of the globe, still the game is boosting in many untouched countries. Youtube and Twitch streamers playing such games on their live Streams helps these games in increasing their reachability. Currently, the game is expected to gain popularity in India as many popular streamers such as Samay Raina, Alexandria Botez and many more have started to play on their live streams.

Samay Raina playing GeoGuessr on Youtube Livestream


Botez Sisters playing GeoGuessr on Twitch Live Stream

Multiple Game Modes

There are five different gaming modes in GeoGuessr:

  • Standard
  • Explorer
  • Country Streak
  • Battle Royal
  • The Daily Challenge

This game can be a great knowledge booster as in guessing different places by images, a lot of observational skill and knowledge is required. And in the current pandemic situation, this game can be a great way of fulfilling travel desires with its virtual google street view tour.

You can download GeoGuessr by clicking on the link below.

GeoGuessr Game – Free Download for PC and Android [Latest Version]

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