Georgia Senate and President undecided in close race

Georgia Senate and President are still undecided. The holdup is the massive number of mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots have to be counted by hand. The special election for Georgia’s unexpired Senate seat is almost certainly heading to a runoff. Neither candidate has enough votes to secure victory.

Race for the White House

As of November 4, Democratic candidate Joe Biden only needs 17 electoral votes to secure the presidency according to CNNpolitics and CBS News. If Biden wins Michigan, he only needs to carry Nevada’s 6 electoral votes. Michigan’s 16 electoral votes has Biden with 264. Candidates need 270 votes to win.

All is not lost for Trump though. He needs to carry Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia to secure the 270 votes. This is a longshot, but it is not impossible.

Georgia Senate Special Election

In a rare turn of events, the election between current Senator Kelly Loeffler and Pastor Raphael Warnock will face off again in January. Why? Neither candidate gathered at least 50% of the vote according to CNNpolitics and CBS News.

Loeffler is hoping to remain in her appointed seat, while Warnock is hoping to flip Georgia blue.

Insider Trading Scandal

Before COVID came to the U.S., Loeffler was one of four Senators accused of insider trading, according to Forbes. The other three are Dianne Feinstein, Jim Inhoff, and Richard Burr.

Loeffler sold stocks valued between $1.275 and $3.1 million in order to avoid potential losses. It should be known that Loeffler’s husband is the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. This only helped Loeffler decide to dump her stocks.

Loeffler’s actions could be a factor in her close race. If you read this post, you can find more information on Loeffler’s views and why she is not a good candidate for the position.