Netflix brings Arabic Horror to screen with ’Paranormal’


Netflix Arabic Horror ‘Paranormal’, launched.
If you enjoy the Horror genre then this is great news for you Netflix has launched its first Egyptian horror series.

This seems like the most anticipated project of Netflix since its announcement in May 2020. And fans were also excited because it is the first Netflix originals from Egypt.

Adaptation from the book :

Netflix Arabic Horror ‘paranormal' launched
Netflix Arabic Horror paranormal launched

This series is based on books of the same name by author Ahmed Khaled Towfik. These books are divided into series. Therefore Author launched this book twice a year since 1993-2004. He sold like 15 million copies. And this craze Doesn’t end here when he killed protagonist Dr.Rifaat Ismail in this book series, people were so devastated that they hold private funerals for this character.

On a side note, these incidents made us wonder if the craze of this book is on this level. we should really have high expectations from Netflix Arabic Horror ‘paranormal’. Released in November.

Trending on social media :

As of now, we knew the craze we got all the hype. Now the main character’s death anniversary was a recent event in Egypt before paranormal’s release. Because of this series was also trending on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This has definitely caught more eyes than expected. The crazes about this novel is what made people so interested in Netflix Arabic Horror paranormal.

Synopsis of ‘Paranormal’:

So the whole story revolves around Haematologist professor Dr.Refaat Ismail. Who has never ever believed in paranormal activities. What will happen when this practical and scientific guy encounters paranormal activities and how will he overcome all this chaos with the help of his college mate Maggie Mckillop by entering paranormal worlds is a whole new experience and a great thing to binge-watch.

About Paranormal:

This 6 Episodes series will take you on an emotional roller coaster and surely will not disappoint you in any way. Great acting and dialogue delivery you can really get their emotions even with the language barrier. At some point, you will be terrified. And at some point, you will feel empathy for characters are the factors that make this movie great.

Conclusion :

If you are a fan of horror flicks this is great 6 episodes series to add to your watching list. Overall it’s a good series.