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Colton Underwood Deletes All of his Instagram posts

Colton Underwood deletes Instagram
Colton Underwood deletes Instagram

Colton underwood deletes Instagram posts after restraining order.

Cassie Randolph had granted restraining orders after she claimed to have a tracking device in her car. and her Ex Colton Underwood showed up at her house uninvited at midnight. The restraining order clearly states that Colton has to stay 100 yards away from Randolph’s car, house, and obviously from her.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph both met on Bachelors season 23. They looked like the most loving couple bachelors could ever have. Even after their breakup, they said to remain on good terms.

Suddenly Cassie filing a police complaint and unfollowing Colton from Instagram came as a shock. As they both said they will remain on good terms after the breakup as they respect each other very much.

Colton Underwood deletes Instagram posts
Colton Underwood deletes Instagram

Now Colton Underwood deletes Instagram post after Cassie has dropped police complaint and restraining orders as well on November 4. However, Colton Underwood has not given any specific reasons for his action.

When Cassie Randolph has dropped charges Colton Underwood has released statements saying they I and Cassie have reached a private agreement and even agreed with cassie’s action saying she acted in a good belief. As this matter concerned her privacy.

Whole breakup controversy:

It was just a matter of time that lover’s spat turns into an ugly fight, this is something at least we did not think that this couple would end up like. Because we have seen how good they are together on bachelors.

Those long talks on the boat, PDA, and all those happy moments have now come an end to restraining orders and police complaints. No one would ever dream of this even after breaking up.

Cassie Randolph even claimed that Colton Underwood tries to monetize their breakup by adding it to his book. Now that Colton Underwood deletes Instagram posts. It seems like he does not want to be dragged into more controversies in the future regarding this matter.

Reason for deleting Instagram posts:

When and why he deleted his posts is clearly unknown for now. However, his Instagram account is still there so we can expect new posts or further updates regarding this matter.