‘The Impossible’ on Netflix: Is Tom Holland’s Disaster Flick based on a True Story?

‘The Impossible’ on Netflix:

Is Tom Holland’s Disaster Flick ‘The Impossible’ on Netflix based on a True Story? The answer is yes, it’s based on the true story of a woman, Maria Belon, and her family.  She was resting at a pool, along with her husband and 3 young sons, when the tsunami struck Thailand (2004).

The Impossible’ on Netflix, based on a true story

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The movie, ‘The Impossible’ : 

Based on true events, J. A. Bayona has directed it and Sergio.G has written it. It’s a Spanish English film and it stars Tom Holland, Naomi Watts, Ewan Mcgregor. The movie won the Golden Globe Awards and the Actors guild award. Naomi gave an excellent performance.

The story:
‘The Impossible’ on Netflix‘s story is that Maria and her family are enjoying Christmas vacation in Thailand when the disastrous Tsunami strikes. Maria comes out of the swirl of water but with a chest injury. Their family is separated and communication means are scarce. Maria asks her children to help other survivors. Finally, all of them are safe and take back a flight to their own home. The last scene is of Maria looking back at the chaos down through the plane window.
The Critics response:

The critics say that the screenplay is not strong in spite of being based upon a real-life story. Reviewers, however, feel that the direction and acting are good and because of this, the film is compelling and worth a watch.

 The Survivor’s response:

One of the survivors commented that the movie,‘The Impossible’ was very accurate and beautiful. He feels that the critic’s comments are overdramatic. The man likes the fact that the movie is not about a ruined white man’s holiday but about the communal harmony when the disaster struck.


The movie is available on Netflix because of the COVID 19 pandemic situation. There are a plethora of movies to watch on Netflix now.

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