Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks Team for Edge of midnight(Midnight Sky Remix.)

‘Edge of Midnight’:

Miley Cyrus and Steve Nicks Team for Edge of  midnight(Midnight Sky Remix.) Fans are wondering what it shall be, a mashup, single, etc. Miley Cyrus wears a classic rock look. Everyone is excited and at the ‘Edge of Midnight’.

'Edge of Midnight'. remix by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nick
‘Edge of Midnight’. remix by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nick

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Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky (Edge of Midnight) (Audio) ft. Stevie Nicks


The Midnight sky:

Stevie Nicks sang the original The Midnight sky song in the ’80s.  The Miley Cyrus song ‘Edge of Midnight’ is a remix of the original. Cyrus easily matches the energy and high pitched vocals of the original rock song. Miley is also wearing a rock look with purple eye shadow and red lipstick.

Miley Cyrus:

Destiny Hope is professionally Miley Cyrus. She is an American and she is a singer, songwriter, producer, etc. Miley is versatile because she sings in various genres like Hip hop, pop, Country pop, etc. The remix ‘Edge of Midnight’ is from the album Plastic hearts. Miley was in news recently due to her eccentric personality. She is always hounded by the media. Miley was married to Liam Hemsworth and has split.

 Stevie Nicks :

Born in 1948, Stephanie Nicks is professionally Stevie Nicks. She is a part of the band Fleetwood Mac and also sings solo. Her voice is distinct and mysterious. Stevie is famous for her work such as The wild heart, Belladonna, Rock a little, etc. She is back in news because of collaborating with Miley Cyrus’ new song from Midnight sky. Stevie is also a philanthropist and does a lot of social work.


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