Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Fastest Selling PS4 original with 5 Million Copies Sold.

Ghost of Tsushima:

Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Fastest-Selling PS4 original because of 5 Million Copies Sold. It’s a PS4 exclusive.   Sucker Punch has developed it and it’s an open-world samurai game. The game is popular because it’s the fastest-selling IP (Intellectual Property).

Ghosts of Tsushima

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The Game released on PS4:

Sony has said that the Ghosts of Tsushima game is released on PS4, in spite of the release of their PS5. This game by Sucker Punch was not released openly since 2018. The game takes 20 hours to complete with the main storyline. There are also side missions to complete and get the collectables.

The story of the game:

The story goes like there is a Mongol invasion on the  Japanese land of Tsushima. This war is led by Lord Shimura and his nephew Jin Sakai joins his uncle. The war ends badly for the samurai and Shimura is captured and Jin is badly injured. He is nursed back to life by a thief, Yuna. Because Jin tries to recapture the island and save Shimura, the locals start revering him as the Ghost of Tsushima.

 COVID 19 and delayed-release:

Sony had planned the game’s release on PS4 in June 2020 but it got delayed to July 2020 because of the pandemic. The game comes in variants such as standard, deluxe digital, special, and a collectors edition. Anyone can preorder the games.

 Speaking of Games, the Dragon ball is also being released.

One punch man the latest of the dragon ball zee franchise is full of drama, comedy, action, and Superheroes. The fans lapped up the season2 and are now excitedly waiting for its season 3. Since its corona and the holiday season, catch up with the latest episodes.


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