Travis Scott Teases PS5 Unboxing

PS5 Unboxing:

Travis Scott’s new video of unboxing the Playstation 5 is viral on youtube. In spite of no music videos, Travis knows how to be in news. PS5 Unboxing was a popular event for Travis. Fans are doing everything possible to lay hands on the latest PlayStation 5.

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Travis Scott’s new PS5 video
Travis Scott:

Jacques Webster is professionally Travis Scott. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, etc. His work such as Astro mode, The London, TKN, etc have won awards. He is married to Kylie Jenner. Travis was a brand ambassador for Mc Donald’s limited-edition meal. Recently seen in a video that unboxes Playstation 5, because of COVID 19, there are no new music videos.

PS5 features:

Faster Loading time, new disc writer, etc. It’s better in design on comparing PS4. One can play old games of PS4 on PS5. One can also watch movies on Blue-ray. It has realistic game lighting and good quality of sound. PS5 comes as PS5(cost $399) and PS5 digital(cost $499). It has a dual sense feature that helps gamers customize their experience.

Covid and Holidays :

Because of the pandemic quarantine, People have free time. This fact will boost the sales of games and PS5. moreover, it’s the holiday season and many of them are already fans of the PS5. This PS5 will take the gaming world by storm. You need a Costco membership to order PS5. Grab it before the stock is gone. You can also pre-order it.

Meanwhile, PS5 will support PS4 in games only:

PS4 is compatible with Playstation 5 but not the games of PS5 are there. Sony has announced it will release PS5 in December 2020. Because of tough competition, Sony has not yet revealed the date and price officially. The PS5 has a great feature, with which gamers can customize their experience.

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