Dragon balls Super Heroes Special Episode Release Date, Plot and Updates.

Dragon balls Super Heroes:

Dragon balls Super-Heroes Special Episode Release Date, Plot, and Updates revealed. It’s a Japanese animation film. Because it’s a promotional animation film, there are cards and video games of the same name. The film is releasing in December 2020.

Dragon balls Super Heroes

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The story of Dragon balls Super Heroes:

A mysterious figure named Fu informs Goku, Vegeta, and Future Mai that he is held captive in the world called Prison Planet. He delivers this message to Goku and friends because he feels they can rescue him. Then a battle begins with Goku and prison Planet criminal Cumber. It’s interesting to watch because it’s full of action.

Mixed reactions:

They released a trailer to promote the film Dragon Balls Super. Fans gave mixed reactions saying that the trailer was confusing. Dragon balls the original is slightly different from Dragon Ball Super. Many fans enjoyed it too.

The Superhero Goku:

Goku is a fictional character from the Japanese animation series Dragon balls. The character of Goku is based on the Chinese monkey king folk tale. He also has similarities to Superman. Goku is very strong and has a pure heart. Goku is the lower rank of Saiyans and so he is sent to earth.


He is the son of King Vegeta and the strongest of the Saiyan warriors. Vegeta and Goku are like brothers as they fight together against enemies and both belong to the Saiyan race.

Summary and Spoiler of chapter 65:

The release date, plot, and updates are all over social media. Fans have translated it and posted it. Dragon Ball Super is available on Amazon. The title of the movie is Goku the earthling. Fans are excited and are eager to watch.

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