Kate Mara opens up about her ‘Horrible’ experience Making Fantastic Four

Introduction :

Kate Mara Fantastic Four experience reveals how it’s not a smooth journey for her. She portrayed as the first female superhero in the movie. In a recent interview, she revealed that she had a horrible experience with male directors. Kate Mara quoted: I would have enjoyed filming fantastic four more if I was a male.

Although she did not pointed fingers at anyone directly. But it seems like the biggest Entertainment industries like Hollywood also had their fair share of gender indiscrimination. Proved by Kate Mara Fantastic Four experience.

Kate Mara said especially two experiences with directors made her ponder. If directors were female she would have fun shooting this superhero flick.

About Fantastic four:

The movie fantastic four was released in 2015. And considered one of the few flop movies in the superhero genre. Maybe if actors were enjoyed filming this would have been a different story.
Cast: Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell along with Kate Mara.

This action and sci-fi movie was directed by: Josh Trank


Four youth teleported to a completely unknown universe. Because they gained superpower and must work towards one goal to destroy evil doctor.

Kate Mara fantastic four experience
Kate Mara fantastic four experience

Mara’s Regret:

Mara said she regrets not speaking up at that time. Kate said she should have been more vocal about her experiences.

Kate Mara also advises talking to fellow actors. She said if you want to work with a certain director, producer, or even actors. You should talk to people who worked with them before. It sure saves you lots of trouble.

Lesson learned:

The entertainment industry is not a gender specific industry. Facing discrimination on the basis of gender should not be tolerated anywhere. It is better to speak up early because of your own right. This is better than regretting in the future. This is the lesson we learned from Kate Mara fantastic four experience.


Kate Mara fantastic four experience was one of the horrible experience. She would have spoken in time. So that more actresses do not have to experience the same thing as her.
What are your thoughts on Kate Mara’s gender discrimination experience?