Hot chocolate Nutcracker: Netflix unveils Trailer for Debbie Allen’s Dance dreams.

Debbie Allen Dance dreams
Debbie Allen


Netflix unveils the trailer for Debbie Allen Dance dreams Hot chocolate Nutcracker. The documentary reveals how Debbie Allen dance dreams (DADA) get prepared for their most anticipated performance of the year.
We can get a sneak peek of what it takes to give one perfect performance because of this documentary.

What’s in the trailer :

Watch Trailer now – Dance Dreams: Hot chocolate Nutcracker |official Trailer| Netflix

In the trailer, kids were seen rehearsing for their annual performance. Where Debbie Allen is preparing them.  Debbie Allen revealed some kids are here at the age of 5-6. Even some students having their 8th or 9th Annual performance of Hot chocolate Nutcracker.

The dance dream will premiere on November 27.

All About Debbie Allen Dance dreams (DADA) :

It seems like Allen has taken her role in musical drama Fame seriously. Where she portrayed the Dance teacher. Because when Allen opened the DADA in Los Angeles. We couldn’t help but see the resemblance. Her specialty is to prepare young dancers for the future. Therefore you will see more and more young talents in Hot chocolate Nutcracker.
Debbie Allen says it all about women’s power.

What Exactly is Hot chocolate Nutcracker :

Debbie Allen Dance dreams
Debbie Allen Dance dreams – Hot chocolate Nutcracker.

We all know that Nutcracker is a basic ballet. But in Hot chocolate Nutcracker, you will get more like comedy punches.

Debbie Allen has added her own little personality in this whole ballet.

Some students of Debbie even quoted: I don’t know what Nutcracker is, I have only seen Hot chocolate Nutcracker.

About Debbie Allen:

Debbie Allen is 20 times Emmy awards nominated actress, she is so much passionate about dancing. Even in her 70s, she is doing choreography. She directed the play Hot chocolate Nutcracker. And there are many more of her achievements on the list.


From the trailer, the documentary looks amazing. Because it is really refreshing to see how she trained young kids. Debbie Allen Dance dreams documentary does not solely focus on Debbie Allen. But it shows how her team and especially 5-6 years old kids work towards one goal.

Overall it shows, how much effort it takes. Just to give one performance. And how that leads to perfection. It will be really a inspirational real story to watch.