Google announces Android 11 for smart TVs

Google announces Android 11 for smart TVs after smartphones. Google recently has launched Android 11 and Android 11 (Go Edition) for the smartphone.

Google announces Android for Smart TV

What’s New?

Google’s Android 11 for smart TVs is offering giant display units with higher efficiency and privateness. Firstly, it will be offering one-time permissions to their customer which is the prime feature of this version. Secondly, they are letting you allow third-party access to your microphone temporarily. Furthermore, Android 11 brings support for Auto Low Latency Mode with enhanced memory management.

The smart TV will carry the new Tuner Framework with updated Media CAS support and Low Latency Decoding for the new smart TV.

Google announces Android for Smart TV

For knowing more about the new features, click below:

Features of Android 11 for smart TVs.

Google and its new android.

About the company:

Google is an America based multinational technology company and is considered as one of the big four technological companies. The founders of this big giant are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The core of this company is a search engine. Moreover, it is also providing services like email, locations, calendar, assistance, cloud storage, video chat, instant messaging, podcast holding, blogging, language translation, navigations, note-taking, photo editing and many more. Each of these is directed by different apps or have different features. Some of the common apps include Google Duo, Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Keep, YouTube, Google Translate, Google Podcasts, Google Play Movies, Google Play News, etc.

Google announces Android for Smart TV

Henceforth, Google then started establishing itself in the hardware industry too by introducing smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, wireless router, headset etc.

Android 11 on TV

Android 11 launched by Google on smart TV makes testing on it easier and more convenient than ever. It has introduced test harness mode in order to inspect apps while developing it.  That is to say, this new version is now bringing a new revolution to the world of technology.

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