Google bundles Chromecast with Google TV : To attract subscribers in the US

Google bundles Chromecast with Google TV to basically attract new subscribers in the US for worth $49. However, Google is bundling the Chromecast; so that with every Google TV they will engage as many sponsors as they can in particularly U.S.

On Thursday, Google makes public about the all new Chromecast in its virtual event. Google bundles Chromecast unveil and the launching price is also disclosed at the event. The launch price is kept ₹3700 roughly in Indian currency and a price of $49.99 in dollars. Not to mention, most importantly, Google is contributing a very exciting offer for its users. Through this arrangement users can get this Chromecast with Google TV device for free, without paying any price.

Google’s new offer on Chromecast :

For achieving the Chromecast with Google TV device without paying any money you need to follow some regulations. In order to get this for free, you need to sign up for YouTube TV and a month’s subscription fee. And you can definitely get the all-new Google bundles Chromecast for free. It is duly noted that this is particularly authentic for first time YouTube TV subscriber. Moreover, if you so far have the subscription to YouTube TV then only you are having the right to obtain this offer. If you desire for the Chromecast without paying the price, the payment for the subscription to YouTube TV should be made between October 15 to December 31. This offer is only appropriate for the United States users.

Now jumping onto the subscription for YouTube TV. For that you are allowed to pay $64.99 for one month. At the same time, it is clearly visible that the fee for YouTube TV is more than the fee for Google Chromecast, which is $49.99. However, if you go for this appealing deal, you will suffer great loss. But this deal is best for you, if you genuinely desire to buy both YouTube TV and the Chromecast.

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