Google Chromecast with Google TV available to buy in the US before the Official Launch, Features, and New Interface revealed

Google, is believed to soon uncover the news of the launch of its Chromecast and TV; as early as September 30. 

Google Chromecast with Google TV available to buy in the US before the Official Launch

Google will also initiate the launch of the all new Pixel range; however, the device is already made available for sale. Although the same is restricted only to some specific locations in the United States, according to the reports.

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Furthermore, a few US-based publications have succeeded in securing the all new Chromecast; with Google TV, way before its release.

Chris Welch from The Verge, was one of the firsts to purchase an unit. He said that the new Google Chromecast with Google TV cost him $50 (approximately Rs. 3,700).

Welch further demonstrated the new software and features that encompass the new device.

The latest Chromecast version is a standalone streaming platform; and is rumored to run Android TV 9 Pie, the replacement to Google TV.

The Chromecast with Google TV will now come with a remote control; in addition to the feature of Google Assistant that will facilitate voice commands. The device will not be requiring a smartphone to act as a controller anymore; unlike the previous Chromecast products.

The popular streaming services and games, as well as the applications that were earlier accessible on Android TV 9 Pie with the help of the Google Play Store will remain unchanged and downloadable on the new device as well.

The users can also initiate video calls from their respective compatible devices; namely the  smartphones and tablets with the facilitation of the new Google’s Chromecast protocol.

The streaming system will connect to the HDMI port and draw power separately. Whether or not the latest Chromecast will allow a smart streaming experience up to the desired 4K resolution, or will be restricted at Full-HD; is something that neither Google or the sources have confirmed to as of yet.


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